Client Services

This is a brief summary and description of the client services available from Tri-South Contractors, Inc. The client can subscribe to only one or all of these professional development and construction services.

Conceptual Project Site Selection

Establish Geographic and site specific qualifications of potential real estate.


Architectural & Civil Design

Complete design documents with experienced design team tailored to the type of construction intended and the client’s needs. Design is based upon budgeted cost to eliminate cost overruns during construction.

Conceptual Project Budget Development

Establish initial project budgets based on historical data, adjusted by region.


Construction Bid Proposal

Prepare an actual “Hard Bid” proposal for the construction cost portion of the project.

Preliminary Design/Development Budget Summary

Develop preliminary architectural and civil concept plans, revise all initial budget figures.

General Contracting

Provide quality contracting services to complete the physical portion of the project.

Funding Prospects

Prepare presentation for the project which can be used by the client to secure equity investors, construction financing, and permanent mortgage placement.


Construction/Development Management

Provide Construction/Development management for the client including oversight, inspections and draw review.